Satellite Launch Schedule 2017

Dates and times are given in Greenwich Mean Time.

- "NET" stands for "No Earlier Than"
- "TBD" means "To Be Determined"
- Recent updates appear in [Red Type]

Jan. 14Falcon 9 ? Iridium Next 1-10
Launch time: 1754:34 GMT (12:54:34 p.m. EST; 9:54:34 a.m. PST)
Launch site:
SLC-4E, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch 10 satellites for the Iridium next mobile communications fleet. Delayed from 1st Quarter. Moved up from August. Delayed from July, Sept. 12, Sept. 19, Dec. 16 and Jan. 9. [Jan. 8]
Jan. 14SS-520-4 ? TRICOM 1
Launch window: 2333-2350 GMT (6:33-6:50 p.m. EST)
Launch site:
Uchinoura Space Center, Japan
Japan’s SS-520-4 rocket, a modified sounding rocket with an added third stage, will launch on an experimental demonstration flight with the TRICOM 1 spacecraft, a 3U CubeSat with a store and forward communications system and an imaging camera. Scrubbed on Jan. 10. [Jan. 13]
Jan. 19/20Atlas 5 ? SBIRS GEO Flight 3
Launch window: 0046-0126 GMT on 20th (7:46-8:26 p.m. EST on 19th)
Launch site:
SLC-41, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket, designated AV-066, will launch the U.S. military’s third Space Based Infrared System Geosynchronous satellite, or SBIRS GEO 3, for missile early-warning detection. The rocket will fly in the 401 vehicle configuration with a four-meter fairing, no solid rocket boosters and a single-engine Centaur upper stage. Delayed from May 26, July 27 and Oct. 3. [Dec. 19]
Jan. 24H-2A ? DSN 2
Launch time: 0744-0858 GMT (2:44-3:58 a.m. EST)
Launch site:
Tanegashima Space Center, Japan
A Japanese H-2A rocket will launch the DSN 2 military communications satellite for the Japanese Ministry of Defense. Owned by DSN Corp., a joint venture between SKY Perfect JSAT, NEC Corp., and NTT Communications, the DSN 2 satellite will provide X-band communications services for Japanese military units. [Nov. 27]
NET Jan. 26Falcon 9 ? EchoStar 23
Launch time: Approx. 0500-0730 GMT (12:00-2:30 a.m. EST)
Launch site:
LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch EchoStar 23 communications satellite for EchoStar Corp. EchoStar 23, based on a spare platform from the canceled CMBStar 1 satellite program, will provide direct-to-home television broadcast services over Brazil. Delayed from 3rd quarter, 4th quarter and Jan. 8. [Jan. 10]
Jan. 26/27Atlas 5 ? NROL-79
Launch time: 0100-0300 GMT on 27th (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST; 5:00-7:00 p.m. PST on 26th)
Launch site:
SLC-3E, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket, designated AV-068, will launch a classified spacecraft payload for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. The rocket will fly in the 401 vehicle configuration with a four-meter fairing, no solid rocket boosters and a single-engine Centaur upper stage. Delayed from Dec. 1. [Dec. 16]
Jan. 27/28Soyuz ? Hispasat 36W-1
Launch time: 0103:34 GMT on 28th (8:03:34 p.m. EST on 27th)
Launch site:
ELS, Sinnamary, French Guiana
An Arianespace Soyuz rocket, designated VS16, will launch on a mission from the Guiana Space Center in South America. The Soyuz will carry the Hispasat 36W-1 communications satellite. Also known as Hispasat AG1, the satellite is based on the Small GEO platform developed by OHB and the European Space Agency and is owned by Madrid-based Hispasat to provide communications services over Spain, Portugal and the Americas. The Soyuz 2-1b (Soyuz ST-B) rocket will use a Fregat-MT upper stage. [Nov. 3]
Jan. 31Proton ? EchoStar 21
Launch time: TBD
Launch site:
Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
An International Launch Services Proton rocket with a Breeze M upper stage will deploy the EchoStar 21 communications satellite, formerly known as TerreStar 2. EchoStar 21 will provide mobile broadband services over Europe with an S-band payload for EchoStar Mobile Ltd. Delayed from June 25, Aug. 29, Oct. 10, Nov. 23, Dec. 22 and Dec. 28. [Jan. 7]
FebruaryPSLV ? Cartosat 2D
Launch time: TBD
Launch site:
Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota, India
India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, flying on the PSLV-C37 mission, will launch India’s Cartosat 2D high-resolution Earth observation satellite and a collection of smaller secondary payloads from international customers. Delayed from Jan. 27. [Dec. 19]
Feb. 8Falcon 9 ? SpaceX CRS 10
Launch time: 1855 GMT (1:55 p.m. EST)
Launch site:
LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the 12th Dragon spacecraft on the 10th operational cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station. The flight is being conducted under the Commercial Resupply Services contract with NASA. Delayed from Feb. 13, June 10 and Aug. 1. Moved up from Nov. 21. Delayed from Nov. 11 and Jan. 22. [Jan. 13]
Early 2017Long March 2D ? HXMT
Launch window: TBD
Launch site:
Jiuquan, China
A Chinese Long March 2D rocket will launch the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope. The HXMT mission will conduct an all-sky survey with a suite of instruments designed to image the universe in the highest-energy X-rays, and study the formation and behavior of black holes and active galactic nuclei. [Nov. 10]
Feb. 14Ariane 5 ? Intelsat 32e/Sky Brasil 1 & Telkom 3S
Launch window: 2139-2305 GMT (4:39-6:05 p.m. EST)
Launch site:
ELA-3, Kourou, French Guiana
Arianespace will use an Ariane 5 ECA rocket, designated VA235, to launch the Intelsat 32e/Sky Brasil 1 and Telkom 3S communications satellites. The Intelsat 32e/Sky Brasil 1 satellite will provide direct-to-home television programming for DirecTV Latin America customers in Brazil. Telkom 3S will support high-definition television broadcasts, Internet traffic and mobile networks over Indonesia, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia for PT Telkom. [Jan. 10]

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