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Wayana Software is looking for enterprise partner to support TrackingSat and to make it a Freeware.

Want to give your customers a FREE gift that will keep them coming back to your website ? Let us build you a custom version of TrackingSat, complete with your logo, your marketing message and a link back to your website. It's FREE to your customers, it's FREE to you.

If you would like to support TrackingSat or to participate in promotional or cross-marketing efforts with Wayana Software, please contact us. Wayana Software is an outstanding company to do business with on all levels smooth and easy.

Click below on screenshots and look the position of the your company logo, marketing link and banner in software:

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Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Marketing, Software and Contract conditions:

Marketing conditions
Company marketing message: one logo, one marketing link and one banner built in software.

Logo formats: gif or jpg
Logo dimensions: Width=52, Height=52 pixels (free design)
Marketing link: In Help menu
Banner dimensions: Width=235, Height=40 pixels (free design)

Logo location: Screenshot 1
Link location: Screenshot 2
Banner location: Screenshot 3

Software conditions
Package update: Life time contract
Database update: Life time contract (satellite and city databases)
Executable update: Life time contract
Third-Party update: Magnetic model has been recently updated (until 2020)
Software download: Enterprise partner and TrackingSat websites

Contract conditions
Contract period: 1 Years (minimum)
Contract price: to combine
Payment coditions: One total payment (free taxation)
Payment method: Wire transfer, Money Order
Payment currency: US Dollars
Contract composition: Composed in .pdf file format
Contract signature: Signed with grateful eletronic signature enclosed
Contract copy: Sended by e-mail (digitally signed)

If you would like to support TrackingSat, please contact us.  

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